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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Vertio Radio Local Business Spotlight. Here is your host, John Bentley.

JOHN: Today on Paper Works Studio Radio we have Sara Harding. She is the Communications and Marketing Director for FIM Group. Welcome to the program, Sara.

SARA: Thank you.
JOHN: Now tell us what is FIM Group.

SARA: We are a financial investment management company with clients all over the country and three offices one here in Traverse City, one in Maui, and one in Wisconsin. We manage about 650 million in assets for about 600 clients.

JOHN: Wow. That sounds like you’re a busy bunch over there.

SARA: We are especially in today’s market.

JOHN: How long have you been with FIM?

SARA: I have been here for a little over 2 years.

JOHN: You take care of all the marketing…

SARA: All the marketing and communications for the firm including our mutual fund company that we are marketing as well.

JOHN: Now I understand that you use products from Paper Works Studio. What are some of the products that you are using over there at FIM?

SARA: We use Paper Works exclusively for our birthday card program. We send out birthday cards to every one of our clients including their spouses and their children. Each month, depending when their birthday falls, and Paper Works has been printing and creating those cards for us now going on 2 years.

JOHN: Now what do you feel is the value that you’re getting from these products?

SARA: Well it’s a way for us to touch base with our clients and make them feel special on their birthday and see that we’re recognizing it. So we wanted to give them a card that wasn’t your standard Hallmark card or your corporate birthday card with a pre-printed FIM Group logo on it. We wanted it to be more personable and creative, and we also wanted the ability to get back to something in the community that was sustainable and doing good. So that’s why we decided to go with Paper Works.

JOHN: They will do custom work specifically for your business then?

SARA: They’ve even done invitations for events that we’ve had, and we’ve even had them do our Christmas cards for our clients in the past.

JOHN: How did you find out about Paper Works Studio?

SARA: I’m born and raised in Traverse, and I was aware of Paper Works well before I came here to FIM Group, and had used them for personal events in the past. Also birthday parties and bridal showers that I have put on, and I have used their custom invitations. So when I came here and we wanted to institute a program where we were sending out birthday cards to our clients and thank you notes, we wanted to use Paper Works so I proposed to use them.

JOHN: Now would you recommend Paper Works Studio for other businesses looking to add a personal touch for their clients?

SARA: Absolutely. Mimi and Margaret over there are fantastic to work with. Everything is always on time. It looks great, and their prices are just as competitive as they would be if I bought stock cards on the internet. So I highly recommend other businesses to use them.

JOHN: And what do you think about the quality of the workmanship you are receiving?

SARA: The quality is beautiful. It’s wonderful work and even this last year, they really stepped up a notch and came out with some new designs for their cards which were just gorgeous, and our clients have even called and commented that they love getting their cards. It’s done beautifully.

JOHN: Are there any other products and services that you use from Paper Works?

SARA: No that’s basically it. It pretty much runs the gammit, and we will utilize them continuously in the future for our monthly birthday card program and then use them as we have events come up as well.

JOHN: Excellent. Well, Sara Harding, we certainly appreciate you joining us for Paper Works Studio Radio today.

SARA: Great thank you.

JOHN: We’ve been in the studio with the Communications and Marketing Director of Financial and Investment Management Group, Sara Harding, and you’ve been listening to the Paper Works Studio Radio. I am your host, John Bentley. Thanks for tuning in. . Have a great afternoon everyone.

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