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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the Vertio Radio Local Business Spotlight. Here is your host, John Bentley.

JOHN: Today on Vertio Radio Local Business Spotlight we are in the studio via telephone with Scott Neumann of Scott’s Harbor Grill of Traverse City, Michigan. Welcome to the program, Scott.

SCOTT: Thank you very much.

JOHN: Tell our listening audience who you are and what is your business, Scott.

SCOTT: I have Scott’s Harbor Grill Restaurant here in Traverse City. We’re a waterfront restaurant, and we’ve been here for 18 years now.

JOHN: What kind of food do you serve at Scott’s Harbor Grill?

SCOTT: We specialize in fresh fish primarily from the Great Lakes region. We also bring fish in from Florida and we also specialize in fish tacos. That’s an item that’s really become popular over the last couple of years for us.

JOHN: How is your business there in Traverse City?

SCOTT: Considering the current economic climate it’s pretty good. We’re doing alright. We’re holding our own.

JOHN: How long have you been in the restaurant business, Scott?

SCOTT: I’ve been in the restaurant business since 1983, and I bought this restaurant in 1991.

JOHN: You guys are located in Traverse City; whereabouts in the Traverse City area, because Traverse City is kind of spread out a little bit?

SCOTT: We’re on West Grand Traverse Bay. We’re actually on the water. We’re at Harbor West Yacht Club which has a big marina and we’re just a couple of miles north of Traverse City on M-22 on the main road going to Suttons Bay.

JOHN: Very beautiful out there on West Bay isn’t it?

SCOTT: It is, absolutely.

JOHN: You guys have a great location, that’s for sure. If you want some good food and a great view of West Bay Scott’s got it right that at the Harbor Grill. Now Scott you are a customer of Paper Works. How did you discover Paper Works?

SCOTT: I found Paper Works one morning when I was at my favorite coffee shop here in Traverse City, Higher Grounds, and I noticed a display of these beautiful envelopes on the counter, and I saw that Chris and Jody from Higher Grounds were using these envelopes for their gift card program, and I talked them about it, and they gave me the information and told me how I could get a hold of Paper Works.

JOHN: Now what are some of the products that they have that you’re using?

SCOTT: They custom made envelopes for us for our gift cards and so we have presenters from them. They’re envelopes that are… actually one of the envelopes is made from recycled coffee grounds from Higher Grounds, and we use a couple of different envelope styles and each of the styles are made out of different materials.

JOHN: Now how important is that to your business that you’re using recycled material?

SCOTT: It’s important in this day and age, especially. I think with a lot of emphasis and importance on the environment and recycling, and I think it’s a good program. It is important to our business. We go through lots of…our food comes in cardboard and we see on a smaller scale how much cardboard and paper that we go through as a restaurant, and you know, it helps to know that in some way that you are recycling and helping out the environment a bit.

JOHN: We are in the studio with Scott Neumann of Scott’s Harbor, and you’re listening to the Vertio Radio Local Business Spotlight. We’re going to take a break for these important messages, but we’ll be right back. Stay tuned.

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JOHN: Welcome back to the Local Business Spotlight. Today we are in the studio with Scott Neumann of Scott’s Harbor in Traverse City, Michigan. Welcome back to the program, Scott.

SCOTT: Thank you.

JOHN: Now we’ve been talking about your fine restaurant out on West Bay and the connection you have with Paper Works and some of the products that they are using. Is it important to you as a client of theirs that they are doing such a good service to special needs students in the area?

SCOTT: Absolutely. I was fortunate enough to have a tour of the facility and got to meet some of the people there and it is amazing what they are doing with these young people and adults as well and helping them with employment and learning some life skills and really helping out these people that would probably otherwise not have much of a job career…

JOHN: Or an opportunity, you know, it’s an opportunity. It’s certainly an opportunity for them to learn a skill and a trade.

SCOTT: Right, exactly.

JOHN: And be productive. Obviously that’s a message you are giving to your customers that you want to support local community, certainly a local business. We all want to support local business here in the Traverse City and this is an opportunity for you to do that, and I’m sure that they are grateful for whatever you can do for them. Are there any other product lines that you are carrying for them?

SCOTT: Not at this time. The only thing I do want to add is that every gift card that goes out has a slip of paper inserted into it that explains where the paper was made, how it was made, and who it was made by, and so we are putting the word out to the people who are purchasing the certificates.

JOHN: These are all hand made paper products too which I find amazing.

SCOTT: And they are all beautiful products.

JOHN: Yeah, no doubt. Now what’s in store for Scott’s Harbor Grill here this summer? You must be hoping for a big summer?

SCOTT: We sure are.

JOHN: Aren’t we all? Do you have anything new that your going to be presenting to your customers or anything new and exciting going on at Scott’s Harbor Grill?

SCOTT: Well we have an outdoor deck and the deck overlooks the marina, and we have a tiki bar on the deck and this will be our first full year of having the tiki bar open and running, and so we’re hoping for a nice long warm summer. We’re going to have entertainment on the deck a couple of days a week and hope for a great, warm summer.

JOHN: Yeah, well we certainly wish the best for you and Scott’s Harbor Grill and appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to join us here on the Local Business Spotlight, Scott.

SCOTT: You’re welcome, thank you.

JOHN: We have been in the studio with Scott Neumann of Scott’s Harbor in Traverse City, Michigan, and you’ve been listening to the Vertio Radio Local Business Spotlight. I am your host, John Bentley. Thanks for tuning in everyone. Have a great afternoon.

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