About Us

Paperworks Studio is a unique mission-based, market driven social enterprise that makes beautiful handmade recycled greeting cards and invitations for people, companies and institutions across the country. Our talented production team of artists are individuals with disabilities and disadvantages. While working at Paperworks Studio, our artists learn valuable life and work skills and gain self-esteem. This allows them to attain more independence in their lives. Our Vision is to provide an integrated work training and employment environment so that individuals with barriers to employment are empowered to achieve success.

After being closed for nearly a year, Paperworks reopened in late 2014 under a new partnership with Utopia Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Traverse City, MI. Through generous donations and community support, Utopia Foundation was able to buy Paperworks from its previous owner, Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan, and give new life and vision to the business.

We need continued support to keep Paperworks running. Show your appreciation for our talented artists by buying our cards and telling your friends about Paperworks, or consider making a donation through Utopia Foundation.

Paper-making process:

Our handmade cards are created by a unique papermaking technique based on Egyptian, Chinese and Turkish principles and refined over 20 years. Each recycled material is tested and perfected to create textural and unique cards and invitations. Our artists then continue the card-making process by folding and packaging each card for shipment. They take immense pride in their work!

Our Mission...

To enrich the lives of those with disabilities and disadvantages by teaching life and work skills and building self-esteem. This is done by creating one-of-a kind, handmade, recycled greeting cards and invitations.